Who can join the Jefferson County Alumni Association?

Alumni, friends, and fans of UA are all eligible to join.


How do I become a member of the Jefferson County Chapter?

For information about joining, go to the Membership Info page. If you are ready to join, go to the Membership Levels page or click on “Join” in the top navigation, select the appropriate membership level, complete the requested information and submit.  For your convenience, there are levels which allow you to automatically renew your membership each year. Just click on the recurring membership levels.


When I buy a UA car tag, does the Jefferson County Chapter benefit?

Yes, each year a percentage of the annual collegiate car tag revenue is used to match scholarship contributions.  The car tag revenue typically matches 60 – 85% of the Jefferson County scholarship contributions for that year.


Does the Jefferson County Chapter have football viewing parties?

Yes, please check our events page in the fall for details and locations.


Can I donate money to an existing Jefferson County endowed scholarship?

Yes, please go to our Scholarships page to see a list of existing scholarships and follow the instructions to donate through


How does my child apply for a Jefferson County Chapter Scholarship?

Good news!  There is one application to complete for all scholarships sponsored by The University of Alabama, its colleges, the National Alumni Association, and your local Jefferson County Chapter.  This application is a part of the Application for Admission.


How much does it cost to fully endow a scholarship?

The minimum endowment amount is $25,000.


Can I continue to add funds to my endowed scholarship?

Yes, you can add funds each year.  These added funds are eligible to receive the annual car tag match in the year they are contributed.  The car tag match facilitates a growing corpus, and therefore, a higher scholarship award amount.


Can I designate how my endowed scholarship is to be awarded?

Yes, when you endow a scholarship you will complete a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) which is kept on file in the Scholarship Office at Alumni Hall in Tuscaloosa.  In the MOA, you can designate the annual scholarship to be awarded to a student from a specific high school or to someone majoring in a particular subject for example.  The Jefferson County Chapter will follow the instructions in the MOA when awarding the scholarship.


How much money is distributed to each student receiving a Jefferson County Scholarship?

Each scholarship has a different endowed amount (corpus) and, therefore, a different award amount.  The amount of the award is approximately 5% of the 3 year average amount of the corpus.  The greater the corpus, the greater the award amount.



How can I best support The University of Alabama?

Buy a UA car tag each year

Join the National Alumni Association and the Jefferson County Chapter each year

Make scholarship donations a priority

Attend chapter events

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